Bluetooth App Control Tesla Model X Ambient Lighting Kit

by YAOJackie
The Bluetooth App Control Tesla Model X Ambient Lighting Kit is a kind of newest Car Ambient Lighting Which is used to make the Romance & Relax Atmosphere for Tesla Model X Car.
Tesla Model X Ambient Lighting Kit is composed by the 5 in 1 RGBW Fiber Optic Ambient Lighting Fixture and 4 Pieces Car Footwell Lights. It is used to lighted the Center Console, Dashboard, 4 Car Footwells and Seat Back of the Tesla Model X Car.
SANLI LED Bluetooth App Control Tesla Model X Ambient Lighting Kit
SANLI LED Bluetooth App Control Tesla Model X Ambient Lighting Kit in Tesla Model X
The Advantages for Tesla Model X Ambient Lighting Kit
The advantages of SANLI LED Bluetooth ApTesla Model X Ambient Lighting Kit Control Compare with others
  • App Control & 16 Million Colors: SANLI LED RGBW 9 in 1 Tesla Model X Ambient Lighting Kit uses wireless APP for control suitable for IOS or Andriod. Choose any color you like from 16 million colors. Built-in 29 preset modes, APP control to turn lights on or off, dim or brighten and even adjust the speed of mode.
  • 9 in 1 Design & Sound Active: New 9-in-1 design, 5 pieces fiber optic cables installed in the car gap, 4 pieces rectangular car footwell lights installed on the car floor, used for foot lighting. Comfortable but not dazzling lighting atmosphere makes your car stand out.
  • Sound Active Effects: SANLI LED RGBW 9 in 1 Model X Ambient Lighting  Kit is equipped with sound sensors that lets the LED lights synchronized with music beat. The LED music light strip follow the beat and adjusts flashing to fit the strength of the sound.
  • Safe and tidy: The working voltage is 12V, car charger Included, it's safe and no need to worry about children at all. The product is installed in the gap, which can provide your car with a good atmosphere effect and make your car tidy.
  • (Patent Design) Universal for ALL brands of Car Truck & SUV. Plug and Play. You can cut it according to the length of each strip you need. DIY whatever you like.

Tesla Ambient Interior Lighting Features:
App wireless Bluetooth control.
16 million colors.
Built in 29 modes, DIY any color and mode you like.
Upgrade 9 in 1.
New connector, detachable design.
360 degree for adjusting.
Simple design for you a beautiful, exotic and romantic interior.
LED lights less heat radiation, low power consumption, long service life.
With import amm high brightness light guide.


Fiber Optic Strand Length: 236 Inches/6Meters
Voltage: DC12v
Light Colors: RGB multi-color
LED Type: SMD5050
Operating Temperature:20 °c to 60°c
Phone App Control:  IOS and Android

Tesla Model X Ambient Lighting Kit Installation Steps:

1.Cut the transparent tube according to the length of the position you want to install.
2. Pass the optical fiber cables through the transparent tube.
3. Use pry tool to squeeze the transparent tube into the gap.
4. Connect the fiber optic to the LED and tighten the screws.
5. Tear off 3M glue of  car footwell lights.
6. Paste 4 car footwell lights. (under main/CO driver's position and rear seat)
7. Hide wires and LEDs.
Apart Tesla car door: Hide it in the car door.
Not apart Tesla car door: You can hide the LED under the foot pad or paste it on the floor or other places you like.

App Connection Steps:
1. Scan the QR code on the control box or search for “Lotus Lantern” in the app store.
2. Turn on your phone Bluetooth.
3. Open APP and connect the light.
(Connect Bluetooth in APP instead of mobile phone settings)

 Tesla Model X Ambient Lighting Package Contents:
9 in1 Wire + 5Pcs RGB LED  Fiber Optic Kit +4Pcs LED Footwell Lights
1x Fiber Optic Cables (236inches/6meters)
1 x PVC Transparent Tube(236inches/6meters)
1 x Car Charger
1 x Pry tool

 Put Relax & Romance Atmosphere in your Tesla Model X NOW.
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