FAQ for Starlight Headliner Installation

by YAOJackie

1. What is brand of car truck or SUV can be installed the starlight headliner?

The starlight headliner kit can be used for any brand of Vehicles if you want to have the Rolls Royce Star Roof on your car or truck's headliner. 

2. Is it difficult to make the starlight headliner ? 

It is not difficult at all, but it will be need a patience, and it is a really funny DIY working when you finished.

3. How to fixed the fiber optic cables on the car & truck's roof ? 

The fiber optic cables can be fixed by the hot melt adhesive or glass cement. We suggest to use the UV glue, please do not use the AB glue or 502 glue.  The UV glue avoided the damage to the fiber optic cables, and it has also improved modification and production efficiency.

4. What is the best position to put the LED illuminator ?

 The LED illuminator is recommend to hide the C Pillar, and controlled by 
the wireless remote controller or Bluetooth/APP in cellphone.

5. How many stars should be putted on car & truck's headliner ? 

Normally, there are total 80-100 stars for 1 square meters. and it is a DIY request depend your favorites.

6. How long will be taken to make the starlight headliner ? 

Normally, it will take about 8-12 hours.

7. What is the total cost for installing the starlight in car headliner ?
The total cost is about 200-300USD.

Welcome to check starlight headliner install steps on the following. 

Rolls Royce Star Lights Installation

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