Tesla Star Roof Kit with Shooting Star

by YAOJackie

Tesla's minimalist interior design has received a lot of controversy. Car owners who love ultra simple style will like it very much!
But car owners who don't like minimalism will think it's like a "blank room"
So how to change without Tesla's original seat layout and get the luxury Rolls Royce Roof Stars.
What about the driving atmosphere?
The solution is just add the with Tesla star roof kit, then, the Tesla car with stars on roof ceiling!
Tesla Star Roof Kit with Shooting Star | Azimom.shop
Tesla Star Roof Ceilings by SANLI LED Starlight Headliner Kit

  Tesla Star Roof Kit with Shooting Star

 The Tesla star roof kit is composed by the 16W LED illuminators, 3W shooting illuminators and the super bright fiber optic cables.  When we turn on the Tesla star roof kit, the Cool & Romance starry night sky will into your Tesla Car's Headliner. 

  The fiber optic illuminators adopt RGBW LED lamp, which has a brighter and more stable effect, and can show pure white light and RGB colorful mixed light. And add reflective lamp cup, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of light efficiency, so as to save electric energy and protect the environment. The circuit board of the light source adopts the full glass fiber board circuit board, which has the advantage of flame retardant and adds a heavy protection to your safety.
  And also use the 3W LED fiber optic shooting star light source, it can better fit the Tesla roof contour. The 12 holes meteor light source also makes the meteor run more smoothly.

 The various diameter fiber optic lighting cables make the different size stars on your Tesla car headliner. It can create a sense of distance. The stars near are big and the stars far away are small. It gives people a sense of visual error and makes the starry sky more real and vivid. The meteor style flashing through the star screen can also be customized according to the needs, so that the car is immediately different from others and shows its personality. 

 It is so much convenience to control by supporting Android and IOS System “MySmartLED” APP device, Bluetooth Wireless Control and 28 Key remote control.

Light up the romantic atmosphere and let you lead the fashion trend by Tesla Star Roof Kit.

App Connection Steps:
1. Scan the QR code on the control box or search for “Lotus Lantern” in the app store.
2. Turn on your phone Bluetooth.
3. Open APP and connect the light.
(Connect Bluetooth in APP instead of mobile phone settings)

Make the bright starry sky travel with the car and create a romantic visual feast of luxury cars.

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