BMW F10/F20/F30/E36/E46/E60/E90/1 Series Footwell Lights

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The BMW F10/F20/F30/E36/E46/E60/E90/1 Series Footwell Lights is a kind of brightest RGB Car Ambient Lighting Strips for the BMW F10/F20/F30/E36/E46/E60/E90/1 Series's Footwells.

SANLI LED BMW F10/F20/F30/E36/E46/E60/E90/1 Series Footwell Lights in BMW Car
The Advantages for BMW F10/F20/F30/E36/E46/E60/E90/1 Series Footwell Lights
  • DIY Modes: SANLI LED BMW F10/F20/F30/E36/E46/E60/E90/1 Series Footwell Lights have 16 million colors, or custom the colors and adjust the brightness through the smart app's color palette, Let you easily create your own car atmosphere. Perfect for decorating cars for Halloween and Christmas.
  • Scenario Modes: BMW footwell lights for car has 28 dynamic modes for you to choose, or customize the parameters of led strip lights (automatic, flash, jump,fade in and out,brightness adjustment,speed adjustment) Please feel free to use your imagination.
  • Dynamic Music Sync: The lights of SANLI LED car ambient lighting kit will change in sync with the rhythm of the song or music. Let the lights dance with your music and enhance your driving pleasure.
  • 3 Types Control: 44-key RF remote control with its own battery, 4-button control box with built-in sensitive microphone, and Bluetooth Smart APP.
  • 2-Line Design: 1 main line separated into 2 branch lines, as long as the line is hidden under the car mat, without having to worry about exposed wiring or an untidy appearance. the best choice for truck accessories and jeep accessories.
  • 3 Installation Methods: Strong Glue, Screws, Hook and Loop Tape, built-in overvoltage fuse, led interior car lights can adheres very well to different surfaces and very safe,extremely low-heat, touchable.
  • Gifts for Men and Women: These BMW F10/F20/F30/E36/E46/E60/E90/1 Series Footwell Lights always bring joy to him or her, are easy to use, and are a great choice for a birthday gift.

BMW Footwell Lights Package Details.

Car Cigarette lighter / 4 Pieces LED Strip Lights / Fuse / RF Remote Control / Hook and Loop Tape / Screws / Cable Ties / User Manuals

3 Installation Method

Strong Glue / Screws / Hook and Loop Tape.


It works on any vehicle that has a 12V power adapter. Also known as the cigarette lighter.

BMW F10/F20/F30/E36/E46/E60/E90/1 Series Footwell Lights Specification:

  • Chips: 5050 SMD
  • Input: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Output: DC 12V=2A
  • Power: Car Cigarette lighter
  • Light strip length: 230mm / (9in)
  • Power cord length: 460mm / 1160mm / 1720mm (18in*45in*64in)

Can it be set to automatically come on when you enter the car?

  • Yes if you leave it plugged in with the power button on, it will power on and off with your car’s ignition and it will keep the color you set last time.

How to connect the Smart APP?

  1. Scan the QR code on the box to download the smart APP
  2. Open your phone Bluetooth to search for led lights devices, device name format: KSxx-xxxxxx
  3. Forbid to click the led lights device name directly, they will be connected automatically when you enter the APP.
  4. Enter the smart APP, click car light to start your technology journey.

They're broken, can I get replacements?

  • Yes,Don't worry, Don't be shy, please tell us that if there is any quality problem with the product, We will help you until you are satisfied.

User Guide:

  • Use "cloth" or "paper towel" to clean the surface of the object where the BMW F10/F20/F30/E36/E46/E60/E90/1 Series Footwell Lights will be installed.
  • Separate the tape from the backing layer.Paste the led strip lights on the surface of the object and press hard to make it fit more evenly and tightly.
  • The adhesive strength of the glue is related to time, the adhesive strength after the first paste is 40% of its maximum adhesion, and it takes 72 hours to reach the maximum adhesive strength.

Put Romance Atmosphere in your BMW F10/F20/F30/E36/E46/E60/E90/1 Series Now

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