Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Car Installation Near Me

by YAOJackie

The fiber optic star ceiling car kit is a kind of most popular luxury and fashion ceiling decoration lights that add stars to  the car truck roof. Most of car owners have a strong desire to put the luxury Rolls Royce Star Ceiling in their Car Truck or SUV. So, They want to think if can get the places that install the fiber optic star ceiling near me.
The fiber optic star ceiling light is a newest and fashion products, so, the most of car owners can not find this places easily at the present. But, fortunately now, SANLI LED can supply the professional install fiber optic star ceiling car kit near me online.

First, SANLI LED online selling the fully fiber optic star ceiling car kits category worldwide.

Starlight Headliner Kit

Second, SANLI LED Issued the Full Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Car Kit Install Steps on the Following. 

1. Remove the ceiling roofs from your Car Truck or SUV.
2. Mark star points of the pattern you want.
3. Drill holes vertically of the points you marked.
4. Insert the PMMA fiber optic cables about 10cm into the board. Then fix with hot melt adhesive or glass cement.(Best choice is the UV glue).
5. Straighten and tie up PMMA fiber optic cables in small bundles to avoid tangled. Better to count the quantity and length of fiber optic cables in advance before insert them into holes. And mark which bunch use at which area.
6. Connect and power on to test. Clip off the excess length from beneath with nail clippers and finish installation.
7. The fiber optic light source is recommed to hide the C Pillar, and controlled by the wirless remote controller or Bluetooth/APP in cellphone.
The Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Car Kit Install Details on the Below. How to install starlight headliner kits in cars & trucks

If you still have any question about the fiber optic star ceiling car kit installation, warm welcome to contact us via email or log on our TIKTOK account (@Ledstarlightheadliner) and check the Video for the installation progress.

SANLI LED Co., Limited
April 20th, 2022

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