Terms of Service


SANLI LED online shop website (Azimom) can be accessed without registration. But if you want to visit more, then you need to register an account on Azimom.shop and provide relevant personal information on the registration page. Of course, you can delete or suspend your account at any time.

The followings are what you should know and comply with:


1) Firstly, you shall take full responsibilities for the authenticity, legality, accuracy, and validity of your registration information; You shall also be responsible for making any changes to your registration information to keep it up to date; You shall not post any information in the name of others; You shall not use registered accounts maliciously; otherwise, we reserve the right to suspend services and you shall fully bear all legal liability. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any claims or loss arising from your actions;

2) When using this website and enjoying the services of this website, you must abide by relevant laws and regulations and take full responsibility for the activities under your registered account. Any loss or damage caused by your improper use of this website shall be borne by you.

3) You have an obligation to protect your registration information on the Site and are responsible for all activities that occur under your account. You must immediately notify SANLI LED if you find any illegal or unauthorized activities. SANLI LED will not be liable for damages or losses arising from a user’s non-compliance with any of the provision(s) above;

You need to know the following

  • Any content posted on this site will be regarded as public information, that is, content that anyone can access. If you do not want others to access your published content, you can delete those content or not publish any content.
  • For business development, SANLI LED may change, suspend, restrict, terminate or revoke the rights of our services at any time, and we will not specifically notify users of this.
  • You may see advertisements or activities and advertisements of our partners when you use our website or enjoy our services;
  • For any content that violates the laws and regulations of any jurisdiction or the terms of this agreement; we have the absolute right to delete or suspend its content at our sole discretion. We also have the right to take legal measures to delete illegal content, save relevant information, and report to relevant authorities for any violations or threats to any rights or safety of other people; or impersonation of others.


All information provided by you will be governed by the terms of the Privacy Policy. The terms of the Privacy Policy form part of this Agreement, and will be binding to you at all times.


All content downloaded, published or generated through the website and SANLI LED services is user content that the user is responsible for. The information you upload, post or participate in activities through the website and SANLI LED services will automatically be considered transferable and royalty-free. To provide you with SANLI LED products and services and to improve SANLI LED's products and services. We may copy, publish, display, create derivative works and/or use with other works the content you publish on this website. In addition to your personal information, we use your user account in other ways.


Under the conditions of legal use of this website. You can upload, download, install and use SANLI LED products and services on mobile communication devices. You have the right to change and delete personal information, registration information and any posted content. Please note that when you delete related information, you must bear the risk that any pictures or text saved in the system may also be deleted. You should be responsible for the security of your account information and password, and take legal responsibility for the activities under the registered account. If you immediately notify SANLI LED when you suspect that someone else is using your password or account.


It is forbidden to sell, rent, transfer, content of this website or SANLI LED products and services (including but advertising or sponsored content). It is forbidden to visit this website or use SANLI LED services to establish similar or competitive services; copy, download, modify, and translate is prohibited The use of the contents of this website by methods such as merging, disassembling, etc. is not part of SANLI LED’s commercial activities. During the use of this website or service, you must bear full legal responsibility for the following activities: Violation of the Constitution and wives and concubines laws and regulations, undermining national unity and security; harming national honor and interests; inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, promoting cults and superstition; spreading Rumors that undermine social stability; spread obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism, or instigate others to commit crimes; insult or slander others, infringe on the lawful rights and interests of others, etc. It is forbidden to use this website to upload or publish viruses, worms and malicious software to damage or change computer systems or data; it is forbidden to illegally collect information from other users; it is forbidden to damage the website server and interrupt the normal use of other users..


Before you use this website, we need to tell you that because our website requires technical support from other parties, we may provide them with some of your information. At the same time, third-party advertisements and activities will appear on our website. When you visit their websites and advertisements, you must abide by their terms and policies and assume all risks and legal responsibilities when using third-party services. In addition to third-party advertisements and activities, this website and SANLI LED’s products and services also include content provided by other users. If there is a conflict between you and other users, you should resolve it yourself. SANLI LED has no right to interfere.


When you use this website and enjoy the services of this website, you have the responsibility and obligation to help SANLI LED avoid lawsuits, complaints, losses and damages from third parties due to your use of this website. If this kind of thing happens because of your improper use of this website, you must face it with us and bear all compensation, attorney fees, etc. If you disagree with this, SANLI LED has the right to sue you. In any case, we will not be responsible for the problems caused by your personal reasons.